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Teacher’s Corner

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Are you barely treading water in a sea of lesson plans?

There’s SO MUCH STUFF out there! We’ve put together some of our favourite picks!

Do you really know it all?

Through CPD courses and events, EFL teachers (well any teacher, actually) can revitalize their profession and avoid becoming burnt out. In addition to language knowledge, teachers should be developing other skills such as the use of technology, teaching methodology, and so forth …

The most important source for teacher development is work.

CPD HELPDESK is for those of you who are a bit stuck, need to know how to start, where you are or which direction to take.

Request a free, no-obligation consultation* with Paula or Amy and they’ll either meet with you by phone, skype or in person to learn about your individual situation and determine how we might be able to work with you moving forward.

*Consultation of approx. 20 – 30 minutes

Offbeat and on target!
Our Teacher Training sessions are unconventional and (generally) fun!

Your place or mine?

At ours…

If you’re interested in coming along to our in-house sessions which are held about once every 2 months, just send an email to our Head Teacher, Amy Williams and you’ll be extended an invitation with indications about 2 weeks before they take place.

At yours…

We love challenges and we’re both willing and able to organise a training event or some specific training sessions for you and yours at your school, college or establishment of your choice.

Send our Director, Paula Highcock an email to and arrange a free no obligation consultation.

PS. We’re honest, if we can’t do it we won’t even try to!

Supérate, mejora tu inglés y aumenta tus posibilidades de progreso

En The Paula Method te ofrecemos un asesoramiento GRATUITO Y SIN COMPROMISO
a partir del cual te diremos en qué nivel estás y cuántas horas necesitarías para lograr tu objetivo.

He leído y acepto las Política de Privacidad.


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